November 21st, 2004

I was stunned by the news, at the end of the ABC program This Week, that 40 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq this week. This reminds me too much of the Friday 6 p.m. news programs I used to watch when I was a kid. Every week, they would report on how many people had died in Vietnam. Only I remember that in the case of Vietnam, the newspeople would tell you how many U.S. soldiers had died, and then how many North Vietnamese had died. I have been trying to find a week-by-week death count pertaining to Vietnam but with no luck (suggestions appreciated). However, I did discover that from this blog (, 1,926 U.S. Soldiers died in Vietnam in all of 1965, for an average of about 37 per week. If Iraq is this generation’s Vietnam, we are only at the early stages, in other words.

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