August 30th, 2005

I am on track to become a PowerSeller. After only a couple of months of selling, this would be quite an accomplishment. Despite a heavy writing schedule, I’ve become obsessed with this goal, and am going to do everything I can to reach it.

I wrote a column for AuctionBytes on checking your MyeBay sales using your cell phone. The thing I noticed is that my own cell phone provider, Cingular, only displays the first 20 of your sales. If you have 30 items for sale (as I did this weekend), you’re sort of out of luck when it comes to reviewing the other 10. I actually had to search for a couple of them to see if any had attracted bids. They had not. But as usual, people placed their bids right at the last minute and they sold. I managed to sell 14 items out of 30 I had up for sale. I thought August was the slow time of year. I’m finding that this might not be the case.

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