April 23rd, 2007

Breathing space

I recently finished revising a couple of books and writing a couple of new ones. I say that casually, but within that single sentence are buried days and days of agony. I find myself with time to spruce up this blog as well as another one. It is a relief, but now, when I wake up with no huge deadlines looming over me, I am unable to relax. I keep watching the bank account dwindle, and wondering where the next job will come from.

I had lunch last week with my agent Lynn Haller and with another author, Anne-Marie Concepcion. She spends most of her time training and doing podcasts. She also has a well-maintained Web site. I have been so busy grinding out books that I haven’t spent any time blogging, myself. I’m going to try to cobble together more income from this, if I can.

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