June 20th, 2008

Postal Crisis?

When you ship something you have sold on eBay (or for any purpose), you expect it to get there in a certain number of days–anywhere from 2 to 5 days, for Priority Mail. This system is in danger of vanishing, according to Gloria Banta, a postal employee and eBay seller I talked to today. Banta said the Postal Regulatory Commission is reviewing a request by huge bulk mailers (the sort who flood us with credit card applications and other junk mail) to limit the amount of “regular” mail people like us can send out. If this happens, our everyday mail will only be sent out a few days a week, not Monday through Saturday as it is now. All our eBay shipments will slow down. And everyone will be unhappy–sellers, buyers, and postal people alike. Banta urged people to get involved and voice concern about the proposed changes, which I heard about for the first time today.

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