July 28th, 2008


I’ll be writing soon about this auction site, which is notable for one thing: there are no fees whatsoever. How does the founder, Darren Bock, make money? He doesn’t. He’s in it for fun, not for the money. He’s a throwback to another time, a time when the Web was a simpler and more personal place. If a member emails the site with a question or problem, he responds. He runs the site out of his home in Arizona. Look for more on AuctionBytes in the next couple of weeks.

July 26th, 2008


Mpayy, a company based here in Chicago, hopes to succeed where other online payment systems have failed. Like PayPal, it’s a closed payment system: buyers and sellers both have to have accounts with the company. But unlike PayPal, Mpayy lets you do mobile payments. You can pay (or get paid) via your phone or handheld device. And the company claims you don’t experience the delays in processing that you do with PayPal. They are the first payment company to get a “widget” approved for MySpace. This allows singers and other content providers to get paid for their work instantly. The founder, Conrad Sheehan, is a former vice-president with J.P. Morgan, so he knows about the traditional world of banking. Find out more about MPayy here.