April 17th, 2009

Ztail’s Price Guarantee

Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes wrote recently about Ztail and its innovative price guarantee program. Some eBay sellers are able to list their items on Ztail. Ztail does research on resale value, and choose items it will guarantee. If you buy an item for $100, for instance, Ztail will guarantee that if you resell it in a year, it will list the item on eBay for you and sell it for at least, say, $60. If the item sells for more than $60, you keep the total amount. If the item sells for less than $60, Ztail makes up the difference. I talked to cofounder Bill Hudak. Look for an article on AuctionBytes soon. “We want to change the way people buy products,” says Hudak.

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