Many of the columns I wrote were fantasies. This is one. However, there is a grain of truth. I really did get stranded once, while making a drugstore delivery. I drove the owner’s car to the little neighborhood behind the Jewel on Lee Street, north of Oakton. The car got completely stuck. I made the delivery and borrowed the lady’s phone to call the owner. If I remember correctly, the car was stuck there for a couple of days.

Winters in the late ’70s seem to have been way more severe than they are these today. Last year’s winter was no bargain. But the winters of ’78 and ’79 were unbelievable. At least that’s my recollection. Maybe I am turning into one of those old farts who remember the “old days” as being really different or tougher in some ways. But where the climate is concerned I think it’s true. And just a little scary.

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