This is neither meant to be comprehensive nor a “ten best” list. These are just ten marketplaces I have written about and am aware of personally. I’ve talked to the owners, who are innovative entrepreneurs determined to provide good, personal service.

1. Atomic Mall. Mike Shannon wanted to create a marketplace where you don’t have to register until you have made a purchase and are about to check out. That’s certainly unusual, if not unique.

2. Babylon Mall. A site started by Deb Whitten, a programmer and mother of two teens in Ottawa, Canada. She sells vintage clothing, and that’s what this marketplace specializes in.

3. Bonanzle. Mike Harding’s 70-year-old mother is a registered user on this site, which advertises mostly by word of mouth and is doing really well. It’s a fixed-price marketplace, not an auction site.

4. Run by Dimitri Slavov, who was unhappy with the way eBay addressed his concerns and decided to fight back by creating his own marketplace.

5. Forget about a fixed ending time for a sale. At this site, which specializes in buyers making offers for sale items, CEO Ryan Boyce and his staff allow buyers and sellers to haggle back and forth as long as they wish.

6. One of the most successful non-eBay auction sites, it’s run by Chris Fain, who is about my age and collects fountain pens, like me. Headquartered in a small town in Oregon.

7. Bryan Corbett created this site, which is one of several to offer a “Daily Deal” at a predetermined time each day.

8. An auction site run by a guy who works in a hospital by day, and runs an online auction site virtually all by himself in his off hours.

9. WorthPoint. This site purchased GoAntiques, so the two have joined to create a huge marketplace with an extensive database of past sales. Go here if you want to find the value of an antique you want to sell. You can consult with a “Worthologist.”

10. Zazzle. This site lets you sell your artwork and crafts for free, in contrast to sites like CafePress, which charge a monthly fee for operating a store on their site.

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