I wrote about a company called the Chocolate Farm in my book Starting an Online Dummies in 1998. It was started by a brother and sister, Evan and Elise MacMillan, of Denver, Colorado. At the time Evan was 15 and Elise was 13. They started out selling chocolates with a farm theme, such as candy cows. The business grew steadily until they employed 50 people. They were on the Oprah show; they were featured in People Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

I contacted Evan to see how things were going, and found out that the Chocolate Farm has been acquired, for an amount he would not disclose. Evan reported that the Chocolate Farm helped he and Elise through college. Evan is apparently a born entrepreneur. He has had four startup companies and is starting a fifth. He now lives in the land of startups, Palo Alto, CA. “I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing something entrepreneurial forever,” he says.

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