Today I talked to John Jacobs, CEO of This marketplace is notable for a number of things I will detail in AuctionBytes. But the thing I am impressed by is their Facebook Kiosk. Members who pay $12 per month to Artfire for hosting and other services have the opportunity to set up a kiosk for a “fan page” they have already set up on Facebook for their company. The page displays their Artfire store logo and a selection of their inventory on Artfire. Shoppers who are already “fans” of the business can click a Buy button and complete the purchase–all within Facebook. It’s a way of turning Facebook into an online store.

Artfire also said they actively do “reputation management.” They monitor blog posts and other mentions of their company, and they respond and comment and clarify. They “scrape” Web sites for mentions of their company and see what’s being said of them. It sounds a little Big Brother-ish. Let’s see if they comment on this.

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