Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just loading down a site with keywords that are repeated over and over. Sites like Google also take into account whether or not your descriptions are accurate, and even whether your business is “worthwhile” or “worthy of attention.” That’s what Sarah-Lou Morris, founder of Alfresco, told me:

“We have spent enormous time researching our competition and their key points, as well as the keywords people search for, and making sure we are sincere in our ethics. It’s important to write intelligently about your products and services in a truthful and interesting way. The search engine robots these days wander about sites sifting the “worthwhile” from the not so. Not to spend time working on getting across clearly and precisely what is being sold would be like sending in a shoddy half hearted CV to the best job in the world. The Google Robots will put you at the bottom of the pile.”

Morris has done business online since 1997 and has customers like Sir Paul McCartney, so she knows what she is talking about.

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