Toy Collector

May 31st, 2011

Just did an interesting interview with Christian Braun of Toy Collector, a site that is taking on eBay directly in this one category, especially for Dinky and Corgi toys. See the article on AuctionBytes. Braun used to have multiple stores on eBay but was disenchanted with their treatment of him, which included multiple shutdowns of his stores due to alleged Vero violations. He followed many of the prime tactics for opening an online store:

1. Back it with data. Information sells. Toy Collector has spent three years compiling 134,000 pages’ worth of information about toys.

2. Be good to buyers. The site makes buying (and selling) super easy.

3. Keep fees low. No listing fees, and flat 8 percent final value fees.

4. Give people a reason to stay on your site. Braun lets sellers create their own blogs and upload photos and other information to the ToyPedia database.

5. Don’t try to do everything all at once. Toy Collector is starting out in the Dinky and Corgi categories, and will expand to other categories later on.

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