Digital goods: That’s the opinion of Scott Silverman, former executive with and now a co-founder of, a company that functions as a “digital incentives provider.” is currently focusing on Facebook Credits, the virtual unit of currency on Facebook. But they are also testing the use of Skype credits as incentives to make discount purchases, sign up for newsletters, download apps, or other activities. All of these things connect potential customers with businesses and increase the chances that they’ll eventually be converted into purchasers.

“For me, personally, I had been with for 11 years, and gave me a vantage point shere I saw lot of trends developing like search and social media,” he commented in a recent interview. What gets me so excited every day about this opportunity and compelled me to leave a job that I loved was how large a market digital goods is right now and how little activity there has been to date on the part of marketers and brands taking advantage of this as a marketing vehicle.” he cites the example of Zynga the company that developed Farmville. Most people haven’t heard of Zynga. But their IPO is expected to bring in as much as 1 billion “When you actually play these games, you see how powerful they really are,” he says.

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