New E-Commerce Payment System

December 30th, 2011

Mark Fischer, CEO of InspirePay, took the time to talk to me in detail about his website, which officially went online Dec. 20. You can read the article on AuctionBytes here. InspirePay is ideal for people like graphic designers who want to be paid online but who don’t have their own e-commerce website, shopping cart, etc. And they want something they don’t get from PayPal or Google Checkout: an invoice.

Fischer says InspirePay is for “people that want to be paid online, but not necessarily tied to a fixed product like in a shopping cart system. Many of our current customers operate 100% online, such as graphic designers. In this case, they just tie the payment request to the invoice being sent in an email. It’s very simple. Others, such as B Corporation, exist online and off, but love our system for simplicity in invoicing. Dojo4, our developers, have been using the technology for “coffee money” for their wednesday morning code and coffee gatherings. There are many users.”

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