Dean Pettit, the proprietor of Space Coast Outdoors, was able to explore his passion only after having been laid off from his aerospace industry job. One of his top tips for people who want to do business online is one everyone (including me) can benefit from: Embrace Rejection. Here’s what he says.

“You have no choice its going to happen, a lot. Rejection is like that brother in law you can’t stand but always hangs around. People don’t like being sold to unless they are in a store. In fact your ‘best friends’ are the ones that tell you ‘no thank you’ right up front. That way you don’t waste any additional time on them and can move on. Very Important! Be cordial and accept it with grace. Their tone may change with time, especially if they happen to later go to the site for some reason other than doing business with you and see their competition advertising on it. I got an account from a local golf resort ONLY after another one signed up.”

When you reach out, you’re bound to be rejected. Learn from the experience and move on: I know, it’s easier said than done. But rejections can be flipped around into positives.

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