Here’s my idea of the day. You can have it for free (for what it’s worth): BookBox. It’s based on the Redbox movie rental system. I went to a Redbox last night and impressed my daughters: “Where does the movie come out of?”

So, at a time when bookstores are struggling, why not a BookBox? Put it next to the Redbox. Put in some best sellers as well as some literary award winners. Swipe your credit card, and out it comes. I walked past the old Borders on North State. All the awnings are still up but the place is totally empty…so sad.

The name “Book Box” is already being used at a wonderful place in Chicago. It’s actually one of my favorite bookstores: Shake, Rattle, and Read, on North Broadway. Here’s a good image of the store at night. They specialize in pulp fiction.

Shake, Rattle, and Read Book Box

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