Thank you for coming!

October 19th, 2012

I want to thank the approx. 80 individuals who came out on a rainy Thursday to hear about the Three-Part Profit Plan. Thanks for your questions and evaluation comments. Next time, I will definitely find time for questions during the program. And I will edit down the planning section so there isn’t a rush at the end.

After the talk some people asked what my own hosting service is. I use Hostgator. Packages start at $3.96 per month. When I was ready to find a new host for my website, I asked one of the sellers I had written about for what host she recommended, and she pointed me here. I do use GoDaddy but that is only to hold or renew my domain name. They do offer hosting but I’m frankly put off by the hard sell they do when you register a domain. And I’m happy with Hostgator.

Here are the Three-Step Profit Plan PowerPoint slides from my talk at Waubonsee Community College Oct. 18.

What’s a Storefront?

October 18th, 2012

What do I mean by “storefront”? Do I mean eBay, or, or something else?

I mean a presence on any marketplace that lets individuals or businesses set up shop and something. That could be eBay, but it could also be a small, free site like Storenvy, or a popular general merchandise site that’s an alternative to eBay such as Bonanza.

Once you set up one store, you can diversify your inventory and set up one more. And another, and another…all the stores target a different market segment. All contribute to your overall business.

I am currently preparing to give a public talk, “The Three-Step Profit Plan: How you can make money online using websites, social media and storefronts” at Waubonsee Community College Oct. 18 at 6:30 p.m. Find out more on the college’s website.