Weather turned awful after we installed the bees–cloudy, rainy, cold. The bee books and bee forums say not to go near them when the weather is like this. Naturally, I was reluctant. But Medo encouraged me to go up there. After all, I had to remove the box the bees came in and replace it with frames. Everything turned out fine. The bees were still calm. The weather stayed bad for several days. But I checked their food stores every two days as instructed. I fed with 1:1 sugar water in one hive and 1:1honey in the other. I also (at Medo’s recommdation) put some patty right on top of the frames inside the hive. Each time I checked on the bees I was less fearful. It began to dawn on me: they need me. They have nothing to eat and are totally dependent on me. Why should I be afraid of them?

23 Responses to “Urban Beekeeping Tip #2: Check every two days; don’t fear!”

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