I’ve just posted a 30-minute video on the Three-Part Profit Plan on YouTube. This is an interview of me that was done in Oct. 2012 prior to a public talk at Waubonsee Community College. You’ll find some background about how I became a writer and a PowerSeller on eBay. Most of the interview is about how to start an online business. I’ll provide links to specific parts of the interview in subsequent posts.

Pine Grosbeak

May 9th, 2013


This beauty was loving our cherry tree this afternoon.

An older beekeeper told me to cut an escape slot in my inner cover. The inner cover didn’t come with one. It does have a rectangular opening where the bees can get out. But he said this is better and will help with ventilation.


You can see it here.


The Illinois Dept. Of Public Health it’s deciding whether or not to regulate our raw milk away. There is great energy in the room against this effort. Give us choice!