June 4th, 2013

I’m spending a couple of days at IRCE in Chicago, focusing on search marketing.


I’ve just posted a 30-minute video on the Three-Part Profit Plan on YouTube. This is an interview of me that was done in Oct. 2012 prior to a public talk at Waubonsee Community College. You’ll find some background about how I became a writer and a PowerSeller on eBay. Most of the interview is about how to start an online business. I’ll provide links to specific parts of the interview in subsequent posts.

Pine Grosbeak

May 9th, 2013


This beauty was loving our cherry tree this afternoon.


The Illinois Dept. Of Public Health it’s deciding whether or not to regulate our raw milk away. There is great energy in the room against this effort. Give us choice!

My bee mentor, Medo, told me that in the cold days of April (here in Chicago) to put a layer of newspaper, in between the inner cover and outer cover. The heat rising from the cluster of bees will stay inside instead of dissipating through the outer cover. Now that the temperatures have hit the 70s I have taken out the newspaper. I haven’t seen this tip anywhere else.

Weather turned awful after we installed the bees–cloudy, rainy, cold. The bee books and bee forums say not to go near them when the weather is like this. Naturally, I was reluctant. But Medo encouraged me to go up there. After all, I had to remove the box the bees came in and replace it with frames. Everything turned out fine. The bees were still calm. The weather stayed bad for several days. But I checked their food stores every two days as instructed. I fed with 1:1 sugar water in one hive and 1:1honey in the other. I also (at Medo’s recommdation) put some patty right on top of the frames inside the hive. Each time I checked on the bees I was less fearful. It began to dawn on me: they need me. They have nothing to eat and are totally dependent on me. Why should I be afraid of them?

Urban Beekeeping

April 16th, 2013

I have started on this new exciting endeavor and am finding beekeeping to be totally fascinating. From time to time I will post my progress and convey a few tips. There are lots and lots of blogs on beekeeping out there, and many are very helpful. I was trying to think what I can convey that new beekeepers can benefit from, and will focus on beekeeping in the city and what I’ve learned that’s helped me.

7th Edition Underway

January 27th, 2013

I am in the process of updating Starting an Online Business for Dummies for the sixth time. I am finding lots of changes due to the rising popularity of mobile devices. I found a web site where you can easily create a mobile version of your site called Strikingly, for instance.

Thank you for coming!

October 19th, 2012

I want to thank the approx. 80 individuals who came out on a rainy Thursday to hear about the Three-Part Profit Plan. Thanks for your questions and evaluation comments. Next time, I will definitely find time for questions during the program. And I will edit down the planning section so there isn’t a rush at the end.

After the talk some people asked what my own hosting service is. I use Hostgator. Packages start at $3.96 per month. When I was ready to find a new host for my website, I asked one of the sellers I had written about for what host she recommended, and she pointed me here. I do use GoDaddy but that is only to hold or renew my domain name. They do offer hosting but I’m frankly put off by the hard sell they do when you register a domain. And I’m happy with Hostgator.

Here are the Three-Step Profit Plan PowerPoint slides from my talk at Waubonsee Community College Oct. 18.