An older beekeeper told me to cut an escape slot in my inner cover. The inner cover didn’t come with one. It does have a rectangular opening where the bees can get out. But he said this is better and will help with ventilation.


You can see it here.

Tip #1: Find a Mentor

April 16th, 2013

The best single tip I can pass along is to find someone knowledgeable to help you. No matter how much reading you do, when the bees come and you handle them and install them for the first time it helps to have a more experienced person there. I owe a lot to Medo Srndic, who is from Serbia and who brings a lot of Old World beekeeping experience. Medo is into organic and natural beekeeping, without man-made chemicals, which appeals to me. I found Medo and other helpful people at the Chicago Beekeeping Meetup Group/. Join a club and find your mentor! Marina Post at Christy Webber has been generous too. Notice that here we are installing by putting the box of bees in a deep without shaking them in. I will talk about this in the next post.