Since 1995, I have written nearly 50 books. Most are on e-commerce and eBay. A few are on general nonfiction topics.

Starting an Online Business for Dummies

My bestseller is Starting an Online Business for Dummies, published by Wiley and now in its 6th edition. This book has sold more than 100,000 copies since 1998. Like many of my books, it contains profiles of individuals who sell online and have been successful.

Karma Kids

This was a real labor of love. Karma Kids chronicles my own attempts to apply my Buddhist spiritual principles to parenting my two daughters when they were very young. The original title was, You Mean I Can Come Back as a Worm? Thanks to Brenda Rosen for developing it and getting it published with Ulysses Press in 2004. I still like the original title…

Literary Chicago

A great idea I had in the late 1990s and was able to write in the year 2000, when I was getting royalties from Starting an Online Business for Dummies. (When the tech bubble burst in 2001, that revenue stream dried up, to say the least.) It was a joy to explore the city and come up with walking/driving tours based on places where writers lived and worked. I got to interview Sara Paretsky and other Chicago authors. I plead guilty to not promoting this book and rejecting many offers for interviews and talks because most did not involve any money, and because I was so busy writing computer books and struggling to pay the bills. ┬áBut I’m very proud of this book nonetheless.

The Book Lover’s Guide to the Midwest: A Literary Tour

I based this book on Literary Chicago and expanded it to Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and many states around the Midwest. I got to write about the covered bridges of Madison County, Aldo Leopold’s shack in Wisconsin, Zane Gray’s river in Zanesville, Ohio near the Y-Bridge, and many other interesting sites. Published in 2009 by Clerisy Press.

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