Pearl River Blues – Chapter 1

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Last Trip to School

Written in May 2011, an attempt to deal with disappearing fatherhood.

My teenage daughter’s spit curls
Fail to move a millimeter
As the car bounces over city potholes.
Her angst chills the back seat.

Our last morning drive to school
Is silently marked only by me.
She leaves with no goodbye.
Twelve years her chauffeur: You’re fired.

I drive to Gethsemane for perennials:
Tuberose, Aquilegia, Pericallis.
Their buds clench in the back seat
As the car revisits the same potholes.

I carry them into the yard.
I plant them with peat and compost.
Their stalks relax in the sun
Withholding their blossoms until they are ready.

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